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Carmen and the Smugglers. Night Messenger Bag. Great Luxury

Live a true Bandolera Night, Creative Tourism.The third part of the Opera "Carmen", in its first editions takes place in the Sierra de Cádiz.This experience begins at 9:30 with the arrival of visitors, reception at the main entrance of the Palace, guided tour through it, ending it in the Central Courtyard. The Palace is a unique place built in the eighteenth century, its founder, the Viceroy of Mexico Don Agustin de Ahumada entrusted its construction to the Ruler of the Royal Alcazar of Seville, Don Francisco de Bruna y Ahumada.Afterwards, the Bandolier action begins and a cocktail and dinner are offered.Gastronomy: welcome drink, standing aperitifs, first course: tropical salad of salmon, prawns and tarragon mayonnaise sauce. Second course: warm Iberian pork sirloin ravioli, tomato filling, concaser and basil. And for dessert Chocolate mousse. Winery: juices, soft drinks, beer, oloroso, cream, chamomile, white wine Tierra Blanca, red wine Real Divisa, mineral water. Coffee and infusionsThis product brings together in itself the need of these tourist segments that in the same historical space, there are the confluences of different artistic branches (Opera and Flamenco), harmonizing them through gastronomy and recreation leisure.This is a Program that was born from the will of three emblematic companies, with a unique Tourist Product, original and innovative in Tourism. On the one hand, World Lyric Prize Panie 2006 of the Exmo. Seville City Council, on the other, Hacienda El Rosalejo (two balloons in the Repsol Guide 2018), and as a third party, Bandoleros Tours (Most Original Product Award in Fitur 2001).The price is per person for a group of 100 people, for other types of groups consult prices. Maximum 400 people.

Prix 497.0€ par personne (taxes comprises)
Activités disponibles dans les langues suivantes Spanish, English
Lieu Villamartín (Cadiz)
Durée  7 heures
Date disponible à partir de : 01-04-2018
Date disponible jusqu’au : 01-12-2021
Catégorie de l'activité Circuits et visites, Culture et traditions, Gastronomie
Pour qui ? Senior, LGBT
Entreprise organisatrice Bandoleros Tours.
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