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King Scallops Route

We will start with a brief introduction about the “King Scallop grow” and with the culture and tradition of the professional fishing activity in Andalusia, and in Estepona. In addition, we will teach you about the different ways of fishing each species and will watch shell fishing boats. We continue with a sail on a beautiful boat trip until we reach the fishing ground and the marine farm accompanied by a professional of the sea , where you will be able to witness the daily fishing activity in Andalusia, while enjoying the amazing views of the Bay of Estepona. Once we reach the fish the productor will show us how the ecological fish farming is, how to distinguish them, their characteristics and we will be able to witness how they move, since they are alive. You will find out the farming of these species that are so popular in restaurants and in haute cuisine! Zamburiñas, “king scallops”, are the main species of our fishing groundWe´ll visit the Fish Market, you will be able to see yourselves how the “fish is sold” when boats arrive in the fishing port.; we´ ll show the fish auction, you will be able to see yourselves how the fish is sold when boats arrive in the fishing port.

Prix 57.0€ par personne (taxes comprises)
Activités disponibles dans les langues suivantes Spanish, English
Lieu Estepona (Malaga)
Durée  3 heures
Date disponible à partir de : 29-11-2019
Date disponible jusqu’au : 29-11-2020
Catégorie de l'activité Culture et traditions, Gastronomie
Pour qui ? LGBT, Senior, Adults without children, Families, Young people
Entreprise organisatrice Turismo marinero Costa del Sol
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