Mother and daughter walking through the Teide National Park, the Canary Islands

National parks in Spain that are perfect for families with young children


Spain has a network of 16 national parks, protected areas responsible for conserving Spain’s rich natural heritage. Here you can find parks to suit all tastes, high mountains, thick forests, stunning beaches... you can even visit a volcano. Here we tell you about some of the best national parks in Spain that you can enjoy with all the family.

  • Child sitting by a lake in the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Catalonia

    Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Catalonia

    There are more than 200 streams and lakes in this park which offers you some incredible scenery. Valleys, crags, cliffs and high mountains protect these bodies of water, which are perfect for cooling off when the weather heats up. Here, you can enjoy a host of routes for all levels, perfect for both adults and children. Also, if you look up toward the sky you will see a lot of birds, like the bearded vulture, one of the largest. A great activity you can do here is a guided tour of the Shepherds’ Ecomuseum in Llessui.

  • People walking through the Teide National Park in the Canary Islands

    Teide National Park, Canary Islands

    The landscape of this national park has earned it the status of World Heritage Site due to its enormous geological value. Walking through a volcano is simply one of the best adventures to experience with young children. As you stroll around this volcanic landscape, you'll discover spectacular flora and fauna, with a large number of endemic species. Also, with the help of the cable car you will be able to climb the Teide, which at 3,718 metres is the highest peak in the whole of Spain.

  • Views of the beaches and cliffs in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park

    Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park

    Galician Islands that are perfect for visiting with children. Here you will discover some of the most extraordinary beaches in the world, with white sand and turquoise water, nestled between the cliffs. And if you like diving, this is the place for you. You'll have a great time discovering the incredible wealth lying on the seabed. Here you can spot old sunken ships, and as you might expect, they are linked to stories of pirates and treasure buried in the sand that are sure to be a hit with the youngest children.

  • Views of Doñana National Park, Andalusia.

    Doñana National Park, Andalusia

    It has been declared a World Heritage Site and is a magnificent place to spend a day with the family enjoying its beaches and marshlands, where you will have the chance to spot over 300 different species of birds. The park is a place for the passage, breeding and hibernation of different birds, so you'll spend the day looking up at the sky while you spot them. In addition, this area is inhabited by the Iberian lynx, the marsh horse and the white imperial eagle, all endangered species, and trying to observe them is an adventure in itself.Guided tours are offered in off-road vehicles with binoculars and telescopes provided to the group. A real adventure for the little ones.

  • Garajonay National Park, in La Gomera, Canary Islands

    Garajonay National Park, in the Canary Islands

    On the island of La Gomera, the ocean, the scraggy mountains and the humidity all create the perfect conditions for the laurel forests. A unique type of forest, with a lot of endemic plants and in which you will also find some incredible colossal rock formations, like Los Roques. In addition, through this forest you will be able to experience one of the most famous legends of the Canary Islands, that of Gara and Jonay, the history of two lovers who lived out their romance among the vegetation and the mist of this forest. 

These are just some of the natural spaces you can enjoy together as a family, but there are many more where you will find routes and activities with plenty to keep every member of the family happy. Discover them, you´re bound to find a national park where you'll have the time of your life with your family.

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