Silhouette of a pilgrim at sunset

Xacobeo: when the Way of Saint James becomes even more special


Travelling the Way of Saint James is taking a very special journey through Spain For many people it’s a totally unique adventure that they would repeat in a heartbeat. Embarking on this historical route represents an experience that is a combination of personal challenge, finding oneself, sport, nature and an interest in history and art. And if your trip coincides with a Jacobean, or Holy Year, the experience will be all the more exceptional. 

  • A different adventure every day.

    However you decide to cover the route -on foot, horseback, by bike or any other way- every day on the Way of Saint James is different. Landscapes, cities, villages, people, encounters, history... The situations and experiences you discover each day are an opportunity to learn something about yourself and others. At the end of the trip, when everyone meets up in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the effort will all have been worth it.

  •  Pilgrim crossing a forest in Galicia

    Connecting with nature

    Covering the Way of Saint James will also give you the chance to admire Spain’s fantastic landscape full of contrasts. The route passes through some of the country’s most outstanding natural spaces and scenery. From mountain summits and forests to large plains and agricultural fields, to coastal areas, and lush green valleys and pastures. Time seems to stand still and the feeling of connecting with nature is total.

  • Statue of a pilgrim in front of the Parador Hotel and San Marcos Church in Castile and Leon

    Discover the art and culture of Spain

    Almost every step of the Jacobean route reveals a surprise in the form of a monument, work of art or cultural manifestation. Cathedrals, bridges, monasteries, palaces, small churches, popular architectural constructions and so on, some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition to the wealth of heritage, the Way of Saint James also offers visitors the chance to experience the local culture through the festivals and typical traditions of each place.

  • Some of the typical products you will find along the Camino. Left: A glass of red wine / Centre: Designation of origin Arzua-Ulloa cheese / Right: Santiago cake

    A journey of a thousands flavours

    When you do the Way of Saint James, sitting down to a good meal to recharge your batteries is usually one of the best moments of the day. Among other reasons, because it’s when you get the chance to sample some of the area’s typical dishes and products. The gastronomy of the different regions along the route is full of delicious recipes and traditional flavours, prepared using quality local, seasonal produce. 

  • Group of pilgrims passing through a forest

    Meeting different people

    It is hard to feel left out on the Way of Saint Jameso. Throughout the journey you will meet friendly strangers willing to help the pilgrims. You’ll meet people of all ages and from all walks of life who have come from all over the world and you’ll make new friends. These are special and unique days where you will experience enriching moments at both a human and personal level. 

  • Pilgrim resting on the Way of Saint James

    Finding yourself

    Many people say that there is something spiritual about the Jacobean route, and not just because of its religious origin and tradition. There are many people who go on the Camino driven by the need or desire to know themselves better, devote time to thinking and seeking inner peace. So the journey to Santiago can also become an inner journey that will stay with you for years to come.

  • Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

    The Jacobean Holy Year

    The Xacobeo (Jacobean) or Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela takes place when 25 July falls on a Sunday. The Jubilee tradition not only offers you the privilege of doing some exceptional things, such as entering the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela through the Holy Gate, but also the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of extraordinary performances and cultural activities along the route.