Tavascán ski resort

Tavascán ski resort



A high-mountain centre located in a privileged, stunning location, ideal for all kinds of winter sports. Our philosophy is far removed from that of large resorts and mass tourism, to achieve maximum integration in the environment. Tavascán offers activities such as Cross-country Skiing (14 km of circuits), Alpine Skiing (3 lifts, 5 pistes, 5 km) and Mountain Skiing, amongst others. Tavascán is a privileged site for all kinds of skiing: Alpine, Nordic, mountain, snowboard, telemark, etc. There are also snowshoeing excursions, activities for groups of adults and children, skiing courses (Nordic, Alpine, snowboarding).

Tavascán ski resort

Tavascán Ski Resort

Carretera Pleta del Prat, km. 10

25577  Tavascan, Lladorre, Lleida  (Catalonia)

Email:escolaesqui@tavascan.net Email:estacio@tavascan.net Tel.:+34 973623079 Tel.:+34 973623000 Website:www.tavascan.net Booking telephone number:+34 665670193