La Tejada Roman Villa

Cervatos de la Cueza


This Roman settlement was on a farm belonging to the nobility. The villa dates from between the 1st and 4th centuries and was discovered in 1970. Today, excavations have revealed the layout of all the rooms and the paving. It was built in the late-Roman era (end of the 3rd century A.D.). Its mosaics are very interesting, and have geometric and figurative motifs. Particularly worth noting are the scenes of the 'Four Seasons', 'Neptune', 'the Swastikas' and 'Solomon's knots'. It also has one of the best surviving systems of hypocausts (subterranean heating systems).

La Tejada Roman Villa

N-120, km. 214

34308  Quintanilla de la Cueza, Cervatos de la Cueza, Palencia  (Castilla y Leon) Tel.:+34 979119997 Tel.:+34 610260832 Tel.:+34 650410913 Website:
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