Soutomaior Castle in Pontevedra, Galicia

Soutomaior Castle



This imposing fortress-palace is an extraordinary architectural ensemble, museum and botanical park that also boasts the recognition of the Camellia Society's Gardens of Excellence.

Soutomaior Castle is located in the valley of the Verdugo river, just a few kilometres from the city of Pontevedra. Half medieval fortress, half 19th-century Neo-Gothic palace, the ensemble consists of two towers joined by a residential building and a parade ground enclosed by a double wall. From its origins in the 12th century, the different rebuilds and reforms it underwent over the years constantly transformed its architecture until forming the monumental site that can be visited today.Inside, a cutting-edge exhibition reveals its history and importance in an educational and entertaining way. In an appealing format for both adults and children, the tour uses audiovisuals, 3D re-enactments, video-mapping installations and magic boxes to show the evolution of the castle and the illustrious people who lived there.The site is in a stunning natural location comprising 25 hectares of forests and gardens, considered the most important botanical park in Galicia. Through three different itineraries you can discover this extraordinary landscape, in which hundred-year-old trees from different parts of the world coexist with native species, vineyards, fruit trees and a valuable collection of camellias, recognised in 2012 as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society.In addition, theatre tours, temporary exhibitions and guided themed tours are held at different times of the year.     

Soutomaior Castle

Rúa do Rial, s/n

36691  Soutomaior, Pontevedra  (Galicia)

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