San Lázaro aqueduct


One of the three aqueducts which supplied water to Roman Mérida. The only elements remaining are three sturdy pillars from this construction which at one time was over 1 kilometre in length.

These three pillars each have a buttress crowned by a moulded cornice, and are part of the section in which the pipes crossed the hollow of the Albarregas watercourse. The pillars are joined by two stone arches which correspond to the lower level of arcades, which are formed by 11 voussoirs. The dressed granite ashlar blocks of the lower part of the pillars are particularly interesting, while the upper sections are made with flat stone slabs and brick courses. They are of different types and proportions. For example a corner can be observed in the arch located nearest the former town of 'Emerita Augusta', which is possibly due to a change in the trajectory of this public edifice. Its maximum height is 14.97 metres.  

San Lázaro aqueduct

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