Chapel of Roser


This modest building usually goes unnoticed on the streets in the old quarter in Valls. It houses magnificent 17th century glazed tiles depicting the Battle of Lepanto.

The chapel is a small 14th century late Romanesque church, with a nave covered with a barrel vault, refurbished many times. The most interesting element is the collection of Baroque glazed tiles, because of their quality and theme. There are 2,538 pieces in total, on three soffits. The two side ones, which are larger, depict moments of the Battle of Lepanto (1571), between the Holy League and the Ottoman Empire. One of them shows the beginning of the battle, when both squadrons are face to face. The other one shows Pope Pius V handing over the Holy League banner to Prince John of Austria.

Chapel of Roser

Carrer de la Cort, s/n

43800  Valls, Tarragona  (Catalonia) Tel.:+34 977612530