National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT Alcobendas)



A walk through the history of science

The interesting collection in this museum helps visitors understand how science and technology have developed in Spain.

The National Museum of Science and Technology displays over 500 items, from the 16th century to the present, representing the changes that have taken place in science and technology since the Renaissance. The Museum has several galleries reserved for temporary exhibitions and activities.The permanent exhibition is on show in the Heritage gallery, an overview of the history of technology and its more familiar applications; the Space and Time gallery, showing some of the most important and historically significant pieces in the collection, relating to navigation, astronomy, mathematics, etc; and finally, the Cabinet, displaying some of the scientific instruments that were used in laboratory experiments in the 19th century.

National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT Alcobendas)

Calle del Pintor Velázquez s/n

28100  Madrid, Alcobendas, Madrid  (Madrid Region) Tel.:+34 914250919 Booking