Samos Monastery


College of illustrious bishops

This monastery was built in the sixth century. Nowadays it is a spiritual centre.

Samos monastery has suffered many terrible fires and has been plundered on many occasions throughout its troubled history. Seven bishops have come from this monastery, the most notable of whom is the illustrious Benito Jeronimo Feijoo. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was converted into a Benedictine site. The church façade dates back to the eighteenth century and is still incomplete. The most outstanding feature of the Samos monastery is the Classical Feijoo cloister, along with a statue of the aforementioned illustrious gentleman. Once inside the monastery, there is an ancient door from an old Romanesque church that was destroyed in the seventeenth century.

Samos Monastery

Calle San Benito 53

27620  Samos, Lugo  (Galicia) Tel.:+34 982546046