Exterior view of the Hellín Easter Museum

MUSS. Rafael Sánchez Hortelano Easter Sculpture and Drums Museum


The exterior of the avant-garde building, the work of Exit-Architects, recreates part of the façade of the ancestral house of the Count of Lumiares, creating a singular, eye-catching contrast.

The museum, with over 2,160 square metres of exhibition space, has various rooms devoted to Hellín’s famous Easter drums and religious processions. Here the exhibits range from groups of sculptures, documentary videos and interactive resources, to a projection room located inside a giant drum and the recreation of a sculpture workshop. The MUSS also houses the archaeological and ethnographic collections from the former Hellín Regional Museum with over 300 historical pieces from different periods and civilisations. Some highlights include those of prehistoric or Neolithic origin, originating from the areas of Fuente de Isso and Pedernaloso, as well as utensils and artefacts from the Bronze age and the Phoenician, Iberian and Romans eras.

MUSS. Rafael Sánchez Hortelano Easter Sculpture and Drums Museum

Plaza de la Iglesia, 4

02400  Hellín, Albacete  (Castilla-La Mancha)

Email:turismo@hellin.es Tel.:+34 967 541 520 Website:http://turismohellin.es/muss-hellin/