Jardín histórico

Forestier Garden

Castilleja de Guzmán


Jean Claude Nicolás Forestier has gone down in history as a botanical and forestry expert, town planner and great garden designer, but he was also the creator of a new style of garden with a series of elements taken on as fundamentals for "his" modernist garden concept. His most innovative and surprising contribution was that which was latest christened the Neo-Arab garden by some, Neo-Sevillian by others and even came to be called the Mediterranean Garden. In this case, the garden preserves its original layout, maintaining, clearly and visibly, its essence as a forest The site, slightly raised above its surroundings of olive trees, is linked by three large terraces.

Forestier Garden

Calle Real (Colegio Mayor Santa María del Buen Aire) 2

41908  Castilleja de Guzmán, Seville  (Andalusia)