Church of San Bartolomé (Logroño)

La Rioja

The church was built in the 13th century and restored in the 15th century. It has three naves, separated by polygonal pillars, with a large transept. The whole church has cross vaulted ceilings. The sanctuary is Romanesque and is formed by a semicircular central apse covered by a pointed barrel vault. Most of the building and the façade is in the Gothic style. The façade is famous for its iconography, which describes episodes of the life of Saint Bartholomew. Highlights of the exterior include the square Mudejar tower. It was rebuilt in the 16th century.

Church of San Bartolomé (Logroño)

Plaza de San Bartolomé

26001  Logroño, La Rioja  (La Rioja) Tel.:+34 941252254
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