Arrikrutz Cave


The largest subterranean labyrinth in Guipúzcoa

This is the largest cave of Guipúzcoa. It offers a spectacular view of the mountain range of Aizkorri.

The municipality of Oñati has an imposing karstic landscape in limestone rock that is a great attraction, with extensive complex speleologic phenomena, where the Arrikrutz cave is located. The variety and dimensions of the formations made by dissolution and precipitation make it an extremely interesting system, with huge groups of flowstones, stalagmites and an underground watercourse. The cave is located in the middle of the road between Oñati and the Aranzazu Sanctuary, about 400 metres above sea level. Open to the public since June 2007, a visit lasts 60 minutes, with a trajectory that is 500 metres in length with 35 metres of descent. The tour follows a hanging walkway with a modern dynamic lighting system.

Arrikrutz Cave

Oñati-Arrikrutz Cave

Subida Santuario de Arantzazu, km. 4, desvio barrio Araotz

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