Buñuel Centre in Calanda



The inner world of this Aragonese artist, his life and his works are all assembled here in this centre located in Calanda (Teruel), the birthplace of this world-renowned film director. Visitors are invited to take a fascinating and surrealistic tour with the help of the new technologies and interactive multimedia resources. It also has a room for temporary exhibitions on Buñuel, the world of film, and contemporary art.  

The permanent exhibition is on the first floor and is divided into four sections: Biography, The worlds of Buñuel, Filmography, and a screening room. This is an opportunity to see the writings and thoughts of the artist and to understand his obsessions through his films. It is a space full of surprises and symbolism. On the second floor there is a media archive (with access to its documentary collection), a multifunction room for workshops, and a room for sound, editing, production and audiovisual post-production work.  

Buñuel Centre in Calanda

Calle Mayor, 48

44570  Calanda, Teruel  (Aragón)

Email:info@bunuelcalanda.com Tel.:+34 978846524 Website:https://www.bunuelcalanda.com/