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Parque natural

Trasmiera Ecopark


  It has been designated a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) by the European Commission in recognition of its proposal for sustainable tourism. It is part of the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Nature Reserve.

  The tide and thousands of migratory birds living here are the protagonists in this marshland. There are two bird observatories and a viewpoint for visitors. There are also several educational routes and visitor centres with information on the industrial heritage, landscape and nature in the area.

Trasmiera Ecopark

Autopista A-8, Salida 185 a CA Beranga-Noja hasta llegar a Castillo

39193  Isla, Arnuero, Cantabria  (Cantabria)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:2,500 hectares Tel.:+34 676 486 111 Website:Trasmiera Ecopark
Useful information

What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    a trip round the park will show visitors the farming, fishing and shellfishing traditions. The heritage of the town of Arnuero can also be discovered. It has been mostly refurbished in recent years. In fact, some of the most important buildings house the visitor centres.

  • Environmental information

    the environment is shaped by the tide, as we can see in the beautiful fine sand beaches. In the park there are areas of great natural value.