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Wine activities along the Ribera del Duero Wine Route


This route lets you travel through inland Spain along the Duero river and discover everything about one of Spain’s most famous wine-growing designations of origin. Enjoy the cuisine, the natural spots and the cultural heritage in the area to make this an unforgettable trip.


Respect for tradition and know-how combined with continuous innovation and the perfecting of techniques have placed Spain among the top wine producers in the world. What better way to learn everything about this drink than to visit the place where it is made? This route runs through inland Spain, in particular, four provinces in Castile and Leon: Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid. Their underground bodegas transport visitors to another time, to the origins of wine. This route is comprised of all sorts of bodegas and many of them organise guided tours where anyone interested has the privilege of learning about this world from the experts. They can learn about the facilities, the vineyards where they grow the Tempranillo grape and all the secrets about creating the wines.

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The Ribera del Duero Wine Route offers a wide variety of wines from rosés to young reds and young oak-aged wines, as well as Crianzas, Reserva and Gran Reserva wines. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to enter the wine universe, or anyone that has already started and wants to learn about new styles. The bodegas on this route organise wine tastings led by professionals that delight both amateurs and experts. There are also routes where participants have the chance to visit various establishments, and are often able to take their favourite wine home with them. Of course, the wine simply must be paired with typical dishes from the region such as roasted lamb and suckling pig, cured meats and sausages and legume casseroles.

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