"View of Uña lake (Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha) "



At the heart of Cuenca Mountain Range we find the town of Uña. >Situated on top of a hill, it lies at the foot of vertical escarpments that were perforated by the Jucar river.

The outskirts of Uña, and the lagoon, can be seen from the Balcony of Uña, located a few kilometres away from this town in La Mancha. From here we can see the rocky coastal shelf, known as the castle of Uña, which shields the town from the wind. This is the landscape known as Gorge Los Cortados. The sierras of Las Majadas and Valdecabras, among which the Jucan river runs, are the backdrop of the town's entrance. The highlight of the historic quarter is the church of San Miguel Arcángel, built in the 13th century, and remodelled in the 16th. It is a building made of masonry, which has a steeple and a wooden gabled roof. The festivities of San Roque (on August 16) are a great time to approach the folklore of the Cuenca Mountain Range. Hunting enthusiasts can head to Hosquillo National Hunting Park, located nearby.