The town of Tragacete, Cuenca, is located at the heart of the Cuenca Mountain Range, a surprising scenery in the midst of the plains of La Mancha.

Tragacete is a mountain town that starts at the valley formed by the Jucar riverbed. In its outskirts we find hills of considerable height, like Mogorrita (1,866 m) and San Felipe (1,840 m). Tragacete's natural environment is quite diverse, including valleys and canyons. Numerous trails marked as "Pequeño Recorrido" (Short Trails) will let us get to know this gorgeous setting. The historic quarter exhibits the main characteristics of the local architecture, namely balconies with grilles and wooden beams. One of the most beautiful examples is the church of San Miguel Arcángel, built in masonry, with ashlar stones in its corners. Its marble reredos was built after the Civil War of 1936.