"Streets of Santa Brígida on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) "

Santa Brígida

Gran Canaria

The district of Santa Brígida sits on a beautiful fertile plain populated with fruit trees and vineyards.

But there are also great swathes of indigenous plants, such as the santo pine or the strawberry tree, as well as beautiful palm tree groves which adorn the residential areas. The surrounding area of Santa Brígida also provides spectacular landscapes and places of archaeological interest, like the Angostura valley, the caves of the Canarios and of Frailes, dug into the volcano Caldereta, or Los Silos. In town in Santa Brígida you can visit the parish church and its archive, which contains documents and books from the 16th century. Santa Brígida produces fine-quality wines. This district's wine route starts at Los Lagares, continues on to Caldera de Bandama and ends at Lentiscal mountain.