Ribes de Freser in Girona (Catalonia)

Ribes de Freser

Sport and adventure


Ribes de Freser is sheltered by the lofty peaks of the Catalonian Pyrenees, and is at the point of convergence of three rivers: the Rigard, the Segadell and the Freser. One of its most picturesque streets is Cerdanya. It maintains the essence of yesteryear to this day, and leads to the chapel of Sant Cristòfol. Medieval remains include the Segura (13th-15th centuries) and Ribes (13th century) castles.

The latter still has part of its original walls intact. The stunning surroundings, mild summer weather, the proximity of Pyrenean ski resorts and the presence of mineral water springs, have made the village an ideal destination whether for rest and relaxation or for mountain sports: hiking, climbing, caving, cycling, horse riding, and skiing in winter. Special mention should be made of the honey from Ribes, produced using traditional methods.