Plaza Mayor square in Riaza (Segovia, Castilla y León)



The town is about 75 km from the city of Segovia, in a beautiful mountain setting. Architecturally speaking, this area stands out because of its traditional country homes, and above all, because of its special "Plaza Mayor". Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest.

It is virtually impossible not to go through the “Plaza Mayor” of Riaza, given that a lot of streets connect there. The square grabs your attention because it is in the form of an ellipse, because of its stone steps joined by cast iron rails, its porticos, continuous balconies, the irregular height of its buildings…The renaissance style Church of Nuestra Señora del Manto is nearby. It is an imposing figure because of, among other things, its 33 meter high bell tower. The town also has interesting chapels located in different local parks and meadows such as the one for San Juan, San Roque, or the Hontaneras one. While visiting, it is inevitable to notice the architecture of the traditional housing: they are usually to stories, with wooden cornices, galleries, and overhanging balconies. In terms of gastronomy, Riaza is famous for its roast lamb, cooked in a wood-fire oven, and for its roast suckling pig and grilled meats. It is also worth making an excursion to Hayedo de Pedrosa beech forest, just nine kilometres from the town. In winter, skiing is available at the nearby resort of La Pinilla.