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Destino II

The origins of Ponts are ancient - prehistoric remains have been discovered there, such as the Sols de Riu Dolmen and Bronze Age sculptures.

The village is dominated by its old, ruined castle, the Romanesque church, also in ruins, from the monastery that once stood there, and Santa María Church, a Gothic construction destroyed in the 19th century during the Carlist Wars, subsequently rebuilt.

Ponts has many different places to explore, such as its avenue, Pinyolá passage, Plaça Planell Square, Main Street, the old defensive wall, and Santa María Street. Its location on the banks of the Segre River, along with the wonderful countryside surrounding it, make it ideal for a range of leisure activities such as kayaking, one of the area's most traditional sports. Also available are mountain biking, hiking, fishing and hunting, along with adventure sports such as white water rafting, climbing and abseiling.