The Portal de la Monjas gateway in Mirambel, Teruel (Aragon)



The medieval village of Mirambel is one of the jewels of the Maestrazgo, in the province of Teruel. Its architectural ensemble received the “Europa Nostra Award” for restoration years ago. Its historic quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation.

Located on a plateau next to the Cantavieja river, when you enter the walled enclosure of Mirambel – which has been preserved practically intact (look out for the Portal of the Nuns, with its decoration based on plaster lattices) – you are entering a medieval atmosphere. This 13th-century wall is the most complete and well preserved of the Teruel Maestrazgo. 

Its Town Hall is a monumental three-story building, with its characteristic Aragonese gallery-llotja; it houses the Gothic prison and a beautiful Plenary Hall. Next to it, stands the baroque parish church, solid and elegant. Also noteworthy are the Gothic Augustinian convent, which has a church attached to it; the hermitage of San Roque, which features an altarpiece from the 18th century and a baptismal font from the 17th century, and is decorated with sgraffito and the tiger motif; and the hermitage of San Martín, which contains several altarpieces of interest.The streets and squares of Mirambel form a truly harmonious whole. Every so often, you come across palaces and stately mansions, such as those in Plaza Aliaga, with their ashlar masonry and height of three floors. At the top, the traditional galleries with rounded arches.Outside Mirambel, you find the Mas Fortificado, 14th-15th centuries, a group of buildings in the countryside. 


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