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Arab Arch in Medina Sidonia (Cadiz, Andalusia)



Medina Sidonia is one of the richest cities, when it comes to history, in the entire province of Cadiz. It is located south of the route of the white towns, and it is famous for having within its township numerous fighting-bull ranches. Located in the middle of the province, halfway between the farmland and the sierra, Medina Sidonia is the melting pot of many different civilisations. 

Phoenician, Roman, and later Muslim, the town reached its maximum splendour when it became the site of the Duchy of Medina Sidonia. It boasts numerous buildings and places of interest, such as the Roman sewers, from the 1st century; the Roman bridge; the ruins of the Arab castle of Torrestrella (13th century), and of the arches of Pastora, Belén and Puerta del Sol; the monastery of San José del Cuervo; the convent of Las Descalzas, from the 17th century; the Visigothic hermitage of Santos Mártires, from the 7th century; and the church of Santa María de la Coronada, from the 15th and 16th centuries, one of the most significant examples of Flamboyant Gothic architecture in Cadiz.