Feria Castle (Badajoz, Extremadura)



Because of it being so picturesque, the town was declared a National Historic Site in 1970.

Feria sits on the southern slope of Sierra Vieja, while archaeological remains have been found which suggest that the area was inhabited by Goths. It is dominated by a 15th-century castle, which can be seen way before we reach the town. The castle was erected on the site where a primitive fortress stood, attributed to the Arabs. From the castle, with its powerful tower, one can have an impressive panoramic view. Not far from the castle, on Sierra del Molino, we find the dolmen "house of the Monk", which still preserves a chamber that was made with seven huge pieces of slate, and a corridor. The most significant feature of the town is its historic quarter, whose appearance maintains all the traditional characteristics intact, such as the carefully whitewashed houses. The map of the village forms a central area packed around the parish church of San Bartolomé and the City Hall; from this centre, several suburbs protrude, lining the roads that leave town, forming a figure similar to an open hand.