Panoramic view of Beceite (Teruel, Aragon)



Part of the district has been a national hunting reserve since 1966, and one of the most important populations of Spanish goats in the Iberian Peninsula lives in Puertos.

Beceite sits on a low ridge on the right bank of the river Matarraña. The town has several significant buildings: the parish church of San Bartolomé (18th century) is baroque and built in masonry with three naves; the hermitage of Santa Ana (17th century) is a Gothic-Renaissance structure built in masonry and stonework. There are also several front doors from the 13th to the 16th centuries, and civil buildings from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Five kilometres from Beceite is El Parrizal, a natural enclave converted into one of the last domains of the Spanish goat. It is a deep canyon some 200 metres long, 60 metres high and only two metres across. Hiking enthusiasts have long-distance routes such as the GR-8, whose well-signposted path runs from Puertos de Beceite and the mountains of Maestrazgo and Gúdar to Javalambre. These steep and rugged landscapes are good for activities such as mountain biking, climbing and even horse-riding.