River Segre on its route through Balaguer (Lleida, Catalonia)


Rich heritage


Balaguer is between the plain and mountains of Lleida, close to the Segre River. It is outstanding for its cultural wealth and stunning landscapes, and for its unique heritage, the fruit of its Moorish past and its position as capital of the County of Urgell.

Special mention should be made of: Plaça del Mercadal Square; the old Jewish quarter; El Gel Gate, one of the gateways in the Medieval defensive wall; the steep, narrow streets of the old medieval quarter; the historic Moorish quarter; the Gothic church of Santa María; the old Sant Salvador Church, which was once the Great Mosque; Castell Formós, the old Palace of the Counts of Urgell; the Sanctuary of Santo Cristo, patron saint of the town; Sant Domènech Convent, with its wonderful Gothic cloister; Las Franqueses Monastery; Sant Miquel Bridge, the town's oldest; Pla d'Almatá, one of Catalonia's most important archaeological sites.