Virgen de Gracia Pilgrimage

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Procession around the image of the Virgin of Gracia with traditional dances, carts, religious events, etc.

The processional events begin in the morning of the second Sunday of September with the image of the Virgen leaving for the hermitage, transported on a 'serrana' cart richly decorated with garlands and accompanied by thousands of pilgrims reciting the Aurora Rosary, culminating with the Ángelus before the Cross of the pilgrims; once the image has been placed in the sanctuary, the Alba Mass is held. Lunch in the surrounding area of the Hermitage, and during the afternoon cart competitions, traditional dances, and offerings and auctions of regional products.

Virgen de Gracia Pilgrimage

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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