Feast day of Our Lady of Rosario de Luarca

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

The seafaring traditions of Luarca give the whole festival a flavour of the sea.

The procession, known as the Saleo de la Virgen del Rosario is the high point of the celebrations in this little village in Asturias. The statue of the Virgin is carried out to sea by boat, escorted by a flotilla of small craft all sounding their sirens in a festive way. Afterwards, in memory of sailors lost at sea, a wreath of flowers is tossed into the water. The festival is also well-known for the performance of sea shanties and the traditional bonfire on the beach on the eve of the festival.

Feast day of Our Lady of Rosario de Luarca

Luarca, Valdés, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)


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