Patron saint festival in honour of the Virgen de la Ermitana

Virgen de Ermitana patron saint's day fiesta

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Peñiscola pays tribute to its patron saint with the danses, traditional ancestral dances.

In September, Peñíscola, on the coast of Castellón, commemorates the Virgen de la Ermitana. The most outstanding element of these fiestas are the danses, traditional dances that are the pinnacle of the town’s devotion to its patron saint. These are age-old dances that evoke the village’s warrior and peasant traditions. The spectacle comes to a close with the castell, a human tower. On the final days of the fiesta you can see the “Moors and Christians” parades, filling the streets of Peñiscola with colour.

Fireworks, open-air dances, concerts, contests, sporting competitions, bullfights and running of young bulls, street entertainment with brass bands, and a range of religious acts make up the rest of the activities of these deep-rooted village festivities.

Virgen de Ermitana patron saint's day fiesta

Av. Espronceda, 24 A entresuelo

12004  Peníscola-Peñíscola, Castellón-Castelló  (Region of Valencia)