Pola de Laviana

The Nalón boat parade

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



One of the biggest events of the summer in Asturias, this is a carnival on the water full of humour and creativity that’s been held since 1968. It has been declared a Festival of National Interest for Tourism since 2021.

The festival centres on the descent of the River Nalón by boat, and is notable for the number of participants. The boats are marvels of originality - they’re like carnival floats in a complex and colourful procession on the stony, white-water river.The celebrations last all day and all night on the third Saturday in August. Cultural activities, activities for children, and concerts are organised in the morning. During this time, the boats arrive at the starting point, ready to set out on the procession in the early afternoon. The descent is the heart of the festival, and often there are more than 4,000 crew on the boats. After the descent, the boats are put on display and the fun continues at the fairground with music, entertainment and the prize-giving ceremony.

The Nalón boat parade

Pola de Laviana, Laviana, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)