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Dramatised tours around Salamanca’s old town

The Keys to the City


This programme is designed to show visitors to the city of Salamanca the interiors of some of its monuments and reveal a few curious facts about each place. It consists of a series of guided and dramatised visits featuring actors disguised as some of the most important historical figures associated with each site.

This is a unique opportunity to discover new sites of Salamanca's cultural heritage, some of which are less well-known or are even usually closed to the public. The Convent of San Esteban (according to history, one of Christopher Columbus's favourite places for meditating) and the Historic University Library are just a few of the spaces which are included in this initiative.

The Keys to the City

Salamanca  (Castilla y Leon)

* To be confirmed

Visitors wishing to take part should register at the municipal tourist office, as the groups are limited in size.

* Information may be subject to modifications

    • Admission free
* Information may be subject to modifications