Festival Internacional Outono de Teatro (FIOT)

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A Coruña

Every autumn Carballo, a small town in the province of A Coruña, becomes the centre of Galicia’s performing arts thanks to this festival, which attracts regional, national, and international talent.

This festival, with a quarter-of-a-century of tradition behind it, offers more than a month of theatre. Its schedule is crammed with shows, including world or premières or ones specific to the region, and several co-productions created especially for this event. FIOT aspires to become a point of reference in the culture of Galicia, and starting with its 25th anniversary, has begun to create new spaces for theatre beyond the auditorium.

Festival Internacional Outono de Teatro (FIOT)

Carballo, A Coruña  (Galicia)

Email:administración@fiot.org Tel.:+34 981704300 Website:http://fiot.gal/

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