Madrid en Danza International Dance Festival

Festival - Music,Dance

Das Internationale Festival „Madrid en Danza“ findet an verschiedenen Orten der Region Madrid statt.

It is an event that attracts numerous dance companies from all over the world, encompassing the full range of dance styles, from classical to avant-garde, and a wide variety of national and international programmes. A unique feature of this event is that it includes Spanish and flamenco dance. Audiences can see performances at various theatres and performance spaces in and around the city of Madrid.

Madrid en Danza International Dance Festival

Cea Bermúdez, 1

28003  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

Email:teatroscanal@teatroscanal.com Tel.:+34 913089950 Tel.:+34 913089999 Website:https://www.esmadrid.com/agenda/festival-madrid-danza

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