Festival of La Magdalena in Castellón de la Plana

Festival of La Magdalena

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

This is the main festival of Castellón de la Plana. It commemorates the city's origins, recalling its move from the mountains to the fertile plains in the 13th century. It features nine days of lively celebrations that fill the city's streets with light.

The traditional procession of the "Pregó" marks the beginning of the traditional celebrations of the Magdalena festival. Among the most noteworthy events is the "Romería de les Canyes" a pilgrimage to the h chapel of La Magdalena involving thousands of people carrying canes decorated with green ribbons to commemorate the founding of the city. The “Gaiates Procession” is another emblematic moment, with its spectacularly lit monuments that parade through the streets, in memory of the night lanterns which were used on that first trip down the mountain. Also worth mentioning is the floral offering to the Mare de Déu del Lledó, in which thousands of people from Castellón take part, dressed in traditional clothing, and the "Enfarolà del Fadrí", which lights up the bell tower of the Plaza Mayor with fireworks. Concerts, mascletás, food tastings and parades complete the programme of this festival, which ends on the final Sunday at midnight in front of the Town Hall, to the cry of “Magdalena Vitol”.

Festival of La Magdalena

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