Fiestas of La Vijanera

Festivities of 'La Vijanera'

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



The village of Silió (Molledo, Cantabria) celebrates this carnival-type festival symbolising the triumph of good over evil.

With its origins in Roman traditions, the spectacle attracts the participation of crowds of residents wearing different masks, animal skins and brightly coloured clothing who play the role of figures such as “La Pepa” (symbol of the Spanish constitution), “The Madame” and “The Elderly” in an open-air theatrical performance. All the figures symbolise different things and as they parade through the village they stop now and again to entertain the procession of people following them.

After several acts such as the reading of “Las Copas” (in which international and local issues from the previous year are narrated in verse and sarcastic language), the festivity ends with the capture of the bear (one of the participants dressed up as this animal) by the so-called "zamarracos", the principal characters in this tradition. This is meant to ward off evil spirits and bring in the new year with good omens. There is also a photography competition aimed at reflecting the best moments of the festivity.

Festivities of 'La Vijanera'

Las Escuelas de Silió s/n

39438  Silio, Molledo, Cantabria  (Cantabria)

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