The Quel bread and cheese festival in La Rioja is one of the oldest festivals in the Iberian Peninsula

Bread and cheese festival

Festivity of National Tourist Interest


La Rioja

This is one of the oldest festivities on the Iberian Peninsula.

It takes place next to the country chapel of Santo Cristo in Quel. From there and in honour of the Virgin Mary, the members of the festivities committee throw bread and cheese at everyone waiting to collect it. It began in 1479, as the result of a plague epidemic when the town's population decreased considerably. It has the peculiarity of being one of the oldest festivities on the Iberian Peninsula, being more than 500 years old. Furthermore, it is amongst the few festivities in Spain that can prove it has been held without interruption since it was founded up to modern times, through diverse documents and recordings.

Bread and cheese festival

Quel, La Rioja  (La Rioja)