Festival of the Courtyards in Cordoba

Courtyards Festival in Cordoba

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

During the Courtyards Festival, you’ll discover Cordoba’s lively side. Join in on the street celebrations and dance to the sounds of Flamenco while enjoying the scents of jasmine and orange blossom.

The people of Cordoba proudly open the gates of the courtyards in the old quarter of the city during the days of the festival. They deck the courtyards out specially for the occasion with pots full of geraniums, carnations and jasmines that hang from the whitewashed walls. They can be visited at practically any time of the day and the hosts always give a warm welcome. There are often even flamenco shows and the chance to taste delicious tapas from Cordoba and Montilla-Moriles wine. The festival is celebrated during the first fortnight of May. It is not, however, the only chance you will have to visit the courtyards in Cordoba. You can visit the Trueque Cuatro Courtyards Festival Visitor Centre, the Palacio de Viana or sign up for a special visit at any time of the year.

Courtyards Festival in Cordoba

Córdoba, Cordoba  (Andalusia)