Easter Week in Merida

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Merida's Roman monuments are transformed into the greatest attractions of the Easter Week processions.

The popular procession known as “la borriquita” (or "little donkey") leaves from the Santa María Pro-cathedral on Palm Sunday and marks the start of Merida's Easter Week celebrations. Many of the brotherhoods choose routes passing by the city's most emblematic sites and monuments, which guarantees various intensely moving moments. For a few days the Arch of Trajan, the Temple of Diana and the Roman bridge over the Guadiana river serve as a unique backdrop for the religious images in the procession. One of the most special events is the early morning Vía Crucis, which proceeds in complete silence to the Roman amphitheatre.

Easter Week in Merida

Mérida, Badajoz  (Extremadura)

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