Faldeta Day in Fraga

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



Faldeta Day in Fraga, in Huesca (Aragon), takes place in Abril and honours the "faldeta", the city's typical costume.

These festivities are a tribute to the important role played by women in running the household economy. It highlights the traditional dress they wore in the past, comprising seven layered skirts, a bodice, jerkin and shawl, and normally worn with an attractive hairstyle.The festivities last several days, when the historic quarter is transformed into a setting for all kinds of cultural activities on the theme of clothing: workshops, performance, street markets, exhibitions, dances, competitions and much more. The celebration of a typical Fraga wedding is the main event in a festivity which is enjoyed by thousands of each year.

Faldeta Day in Fraga

Fraga, Huesca  (Aragón)

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