Moss Men at the Corpus Christi festival in Béjar (Salamanca, Castilla y León)

Corpus Procession

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

The town of Béjar (Salamanca) celebrates the festival of Corpus Christi in its own distinctive way with the Procession of the Moss Men.

The celebration of Corpus Christi in Béjar combines the procession of the saint with the procession of the Moss Men. This tradition dates from the mid 12th century, and has its origins in the legend according to which the Christians reconquered the town by entering under cover of the night covered in moss so as not to be seen by the Muslim guard. This procession was merged with the Corpus Christi procession in the 14th century.The Corpus festival also includes cultural events, including the Three Cultures Music Festival, plays, exhibitions, lectures, and a balcony decorating contest.

Corpus Procession

Béjar, Salamanca  (Castilla y Leon)

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