Cordà de Paterna Festival (Valencia)

La Cordà de Paterna

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



This is the only celebration of tourist interest related to gunpowder and fire, and one of the oldest festivals in Paterna.

The Cordà marks the end of the Fiestas Mayores festival in Paterna, a municipality in Valencia, and takes place in the early hours after the last Sunday in August. An unparalleled firework show, it allows spectators to really feel and experience a festival that has been passed down from our ancestors to the present day. There is a night-time pyrotechnic display which takes place on the city’s main street Calle Mayor and every year over 55,000 firework rockets are launched. Professional and amateur rocket launchers gather in a purpose-designed area, the “cohetódromo”, and wear protective clothing to avoid getting burnt. Enjoying the fire and noise of the rockets, they create a show of lights and colours for all the spectators.

La Cordà de Paterna

Paterna, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)