Carnival of Miguelturra

Carnival of Miguelturra

Festivity of National Tourist Interest


Ciudad Real

The Carnival of Miguelturra is an explosion of colour with its masks, costumes and chirigotas. A festival not to be missed.

The origin of the Carnival of Miguelturra in Ciudad Real has reached the present day thanks to oral tradition passed from generation to generation, as the oldest document to confirm it is only from 1898. These festivities include the opening speech, the Proclamation of Major Masks, the appointment of the Carnival King, the children's carnival, murgas and chirigotas, different costume contests such as the Carnival Costumes Museum Contest, the procession of troupes and floats, Piñata Sunday and finally, as in many celebrations of this style, the Burial of the Sardine.The Carnival of Miguelturra was declared of Regional Tourist Interest in 1983, of Custom and Cultural Interest in 1984 and of National Tourist Interest in 2018. Historical festivals that still maintain their original essence and invite people to enjoy the costumes as they did in the past.

Carnival of Miguelturra

Miguelturra, Ciudad Real  (Castilla-La Mancha)

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