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Naturaleza Encendida – Insects Madrid

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An evening stroll through Enrique Tierno Galván park, where light and music bring life and colour to a surreal world of nature.

This year, the show returns with a brand new edition: “Insects”. In this dreamlike experience, visitors will be immersed in a magical world inhabited by majestic butterflies, bees that form hypnotic tunnels of light, giant dragonflies, huge flowers and beetles of a myriad of colours. This edition promises to take guests on a hypnotic journey where the imagination ignites as the sun sets. The big news this year is the change of location – for the first time, the event is moving to Enrique Tierno Galván park, adding a touch of freshness to this Madrid experience that people look forward to every year at Christmastime.

Naturaleza Encendida – Insects Madrid

Enrique Tierno Galván park

C. Meneses, 4

28045  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

* To be confirmed