Vintage car taking part in the Sitges International Vintage Car Rally

Barcelona-Sitges International Period Cars Rally

Sport - Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Pre-1924 museum vehicles participate in this unusual rally.

This classic car rally has been held since 1959 and takes place between Barcelona and Sitges. The event attracts genuine museum pieces made between 1900 and 1924. The winners of the contest are not the fastest ones to complete the circuit but the motorists with the most original vehicles and the costumes most in keeping with the period of their car. In short, the vehicles are works of art and collector items that evoke past times and provide motoring enthusiasts with an insight into these special, unique and irrepeatable vehicles. The event is usually held in March.

Barcelona-Sitges International Period Cars Rally

c/Nou, 14

08870  Sitges, Barcelona  (Catalonia)