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Beach: Lagos



This lovely beach in the Aldán estuary, surrounded by a rocky area with pine forests, is very close to the Pazo de Santa Cruz. The right-hand side of the beach is the rockiest area (where you will see a small jetty) and the left-hand side the part with most trees. You can get there by car following small tracks, and it has a lifeguard post. It is a good place for underwater fishing.

Beach: Lagos

Composition: rock, sand

Type of sand: white

Swimming conditions: strong waves, windy

Length: 250 m

Width: 10 m

Occupancy rate: high

Degree of urban development: isolated

Marina: bueu

Distance to beach: 5 km.

Means of access: On foot easy,Car

Nearest motorway: po-315

Showers, litter bin, cleaning service

Maximum temperature: 17º Wind: 0 km/h, C