Beach: Covachos

Santa Cruz de Bezana


A beautiful and curious beach that is divided into two by a small rocky cliff. The stretch of sand to the left is around 100 metres long, it has fine, golden sand and is overlooked by cliffs. Castro Island lies opposite. The right side of the beach is larger. Nature works in mysterious ways, and has created a layer of sand from the beach right up to Castro Island, which can be reached by foot.

Beach: Covachos

Composition: sand

Type of sand: golden

Swimming conditions: moderate waves, windy

Length: 50 m

Width: 10 m

Occupancy rate: low

Degree of urban development: isolated

Marina: santander

Distance to beach: 14 km

Means of access: On foot difficult

Nearest motorway: ca-231

Maximum temperature: 15º Wind: 35 km/h, O