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Beach: Bakio



Situated in the village of Bakio, this is the main stretch of coastline. Just like its neighbouring beach Mundaka, surfing is a very popular sport here. At one end of the beach a small channel flows into the sea, and on the other end the river Estepona does the same. It has a long promenade that runs the length of the entire beach. This beach has been awarded the blue flag.

Beach: Bakio

Composition: sand

Type of sand: golden

Swimming conditions: moderate waves

Length: 982 m

Width: 130 m

Occupancy rate: high

Degree of urban development: urban

Marina: armintza

Distance to beach: 7 km.

Means of access: On foot easy,Car

Nearest motorway: bi-3101

Toilets, showers, footwash, tourist office, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone, sports area, children's play area, surf practice area

Maximum temperature: 20º Wind: 10 km/h, NO